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In for another round

9 Oct

Out for a walk with the baby

I hate that I’m one of those people who constantly struggles to make healthy choices. I’ve thought through the reasons before, and ultimately they don’t really matter that much. I know what to eat and do to be healthy, but finding excuses is much easier.

I had a baby about eight weeks ago. Last week I went in for my postpartum check-up, and I was down a total of 49 pounds — 25 lighter than when I got pregnant.

Great, right?

It’s almost identical to what happened after my first pregnancy. I lost the baby weight (and then some) easily. I felt good about it. And I stayed right around that same weight until I started gaining again. I weighed almost exactly the same when I got pregnant with my second child as I did with my first.

In thinking about my motivation to get healthier, I know I need to do it for me, first and foremost. It’s easier to think in terms of doing it for others, of wanting to be around to see my boys grow up and to enjoy grandchildren and retirement one day. But if I don’t care enough about myself right now to treat myself better right now, then I’m not going to succeed.

One of the interesting revelations I’ve had recently was that even though I claim to want to do this, in part, for my children and my husband, they are the easiest excuse NOT to do it. I think about how I’ll have to give up spending time with them to exercise or how I’m too tired to play or read a book or paint if I have to cook a healthy dinner at the end of a long work day.

I have to stop using my family as an excuse. It’s not fair to anyone.

I don’t have a great plan for getting in shape this time. I’m just trying to set small goals for myself while also keeping my eyes on the long-term benefits of exercising and eating better.

The fight’s not over, and I’m in for another round.