Finding church, pt. 1

5 Jan

We have been out of the institutional church, as a family, since before our oldest child was even born.

Our kids have literally never gone to church regularly, or at least not to a church building. We were part of an “organic” home church for a period of about 4 years, but sadly that came to a screeching halt about this time last year.

It’s a long story where nobody is at fault and everybody is at fault. Basically humans were human, and I learned that they continue to be human regardless of whether you are in a big, fancy building or sitting on couches and drinking coffee in someone’s living room.

I loved the idea of home church, and even the idea of organic church in its purest form. But it is extremely difficult. There is a level of dedication to God and to each other that is demanding, and I think if both aren’t done with pure motives, then the church fellowship will have a hard time thriving. It’s very personal, which also makes it more painful to let go of it.

We fell on the side of being very dedicated to the group. I wouldn’t even say we weren’t seeking God, but maybe that we were feeding off the group in a way that was unhealthy, on the spiritual level. We brought a high level of dedication and caring for our brothers and sisters, but it was often at the expense of contributing anything spiritual.

Our family has since moved about an hour away from where our organic church was. The group had stopped meeting before the move, and it certainly made it easier to uproot ourselves and settle in a new city.

But now we are back at square one. Bobby and I both want our family to be part of a church, but it is daunting. There are a handful of local megachurches (the known quantities) and literally hundreds of smaller churches, and we pretty much have no clue where to start.


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